Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Apocalypse!

Hey there, how's it going? Now I won't bombard you with "I'M BACK!" lines or reasons why I've been away (it's mostly to do with laziness and busy-ness) even though I just kind of did.

I'm officially finished with university now (apart from the graduation ceremony) and am a freelance illustrator. I still can't believe this is it. It's such a wierd feeling. I've got work though in the form of a very big project I can't say much about just yet - so I'm actually very busy.

But! As it's 2012 and now that Christmas, New Years and my birthday have passed I've had some time to think of New Years resolutions. Here are some!

- Use this blog thing more, and not just while I'm procrastinating other work - as I am now.

- Stop procrastinating so much. And if I am, make it productive procrastination, ie. draw something I want to instead of something I have to - instead of getting lost on youtube.

- Spend less time being brainwashed by youtube.

- Post more thoughts and ramblings and not just recycle what I put on deviantART up here - I might post reeeally rough sketches and such here, like just scanned versions of my pictures. I'm not sure if that's worth it though because it could just be for the sake of being different than my deviantART gallery, but I suppose it would also let you see the progress of things from scanned version to proper finished piece... still unsure.

- Exercise more and get out of the house - everyone has this one but that's probably because its a good one. I just went for a run around the park!

- Post a YouTube tutorial video on how I draw zombies / add narration to a speed painting / both.

- Reply to emails and messages more quickly

- Drink more responsibly - yeah right!

- Clean out that damn closet and sell/get rid of all the junk, toys, magazines and crap inside it.

- Draw something everyday

- Give myself realistic expectations and don't overload myself with too many things to do

There are more I could list but I don't think I will cause it would probably go against the last one. I'm not really expecting to get alll of these done but if I put them all down here maybe I'll come close! Wish me luck.

Oh and here's some art since we last spoke, see ya.

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