Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi there boys and girls, how are we today?

I am back at university now and as I am no longer on holidays I am feeling productive again, or maybe it's just the procrastination from university work. Either way heres a small update in case you were wondering what is going down in zombietown (or land).

University is hectic to say the least, I am going to be so busy with so many all nighters I am slightly scared but also looking forward to all I will accomplish. I get to make a 3000 word, 24 page graphic novel which is going to be amazing. As well as all the illustration projects lined up (6 page Justin Randall graphic novel, 22 card set of tarot cards, anatomy drawings and a music cd cover). *faints*

I've also gotten really far with the Splatterhouse project and it is 99% finished. I am really proud of it and cannot wait to show you what it looks like. I've got a lot of other drawings I want you guys to see so expect them soon.

Oh and I have a brand spanking new computer now with all the Adobe CS5's which is awesome. Expect great things to come!

Yeah so wish me luck with all the work I have to do. Hope everyone is well and enjoying life :)


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