Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi, hello, salutations and welcome to the start of an open ended relationship with this newfound experience called 'blogging'. The main purpose of this is to better expose my artwork and get my stuff 'out there. blalaladadoobeedalah... etc etc. Insert pretty monsters here:

Hopefully this blog will be dominated by PRETTY PICTURES. I'm on where all of my work is on display so take a browse there if you like. Why not add me as a friend too while you're at it? Can't hurt now can it.Unfortunately for you, this will also be a way for me to express anything I feel the need to share with the world, although I'll try to keep it proffessional so you won't be seeing anything like random funny animated .gifs or anything like that.

My name is Austen by the way, and I'm at Curtin University studying Design (majoring in Illustration). I'm hoping to land a job in the 'drawing-awesome-muscular-zombies' department. Right now I'm in second year and hopefully this won't be such a distraction from my homework as I have quite a lot to doooooooo.

I better be off, thanks and hope to see you next time!

(You get bonus points if you know what LordNetsua means.)
(You get bonus bonus points if you know what LordNetsua mean and I haven't told you before.)

- Austen

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  1. LEGEND- wait for it.... - DAIRY

    ie foot cheese.

    ie I am so glad you have a blog. And I know what LordNetsua means but you told me so no bonus points. But I'll settle for a gold star.