Monday, April 12, 2010

Commission + Caffeine

Here's a monster I drew for client on I went to town with the details, and although it will need to be simplified for his game, he was happy with the concept. I'm getting a 3 month subscription for it. So hey it's no money in pocket, but it's a start right?

Lots of uni work to be done which is keeping me very busy, or at least I should be busy with the amount of work I have - Istill manage to find time to draw monsters for people on the internet though. Strange.

I'm going to go and drink some coffee, I don't particularly like the taste, but I feel more inclined to get work done when I have some. I've a suspicion it's the start of a mild addiction. Maybe I'm overeacting, and everyone who drinks coffee is actually just trying to be productive, my questions will have to remain unanswered.

If you are spider reading this though, take the example below as why spiders should not be subject to caffiene:

So in conclusion, Spider-man's true kryptonite is infact coffee.


  1. That's what happens to my brain when I drink coffee. It's wonderful.

  2. Drinking coffee is very bohemian, love. Especially when you don't really like it. It's probably a requirement of being a Uni Student/ Artist that you consume it in large amounts. You're just filling your quota. Plus with any luck it will stunt your growth and I won't look like such a midget all the time.

    Congrats, this is a deadly monster, but tell me, what is a three month subscription?

  3. For deviantart you can be a regular member or you can subscribe to the site and get extra bonus features. = Yay extra features for me


  4. You just blew my mind.
    Wow, such detail.